Central Community Impact

Founded in 2016 by Claire Saint, with over 10 years’ experience of supporting people back into employment both within the commercial world and third sector. Central Community Impact was established to directly meet the continuing need for people to simply have the confidence and skills to get the job they want regardless of their personal circumstances.

Central Community Impact values the importance of multi-agency partnerships and actively works with other organisations that share the same passion to achieve positive and sustained impact for their clients.

The organisation is based in the heart of Westminster with access to all major transport links and accepts referrals Pan London.

Our six values at the heart of all we do are:







Our Aims:


Engage with job seekers in the community that may also be at a disadvantage through social or economic exclusion

We work with anyone aged 16 and above that is seeking employment or who needs careers advice. We proactively work with Peabody residents in Central London yet accept referrals pan London from our charity partners, links with local colleges and job centres. We offer tailored 121 support and group work focussing on overcoming any barriers that individuals may have in moving forward in achieving their job goals


Improve an individuals confidence, self-esteem and general work readiness

Through a holistic approach and acting as a trusted advisor to our candidates we will help individuals improve their confidence and self-esteem through a combination of 121 support and by them attending interactive, informative and fun workshops


Transform lives by empowering people to create positive change for themselves, families and their wider community

We aim to act as enablers to help positive change happen. Through working in partnership with local community groups we will encourage our candidates to give something back, creating positive change whether that is through fundraising initiatives or setting up a new community group. In doing so they will become role models to their family and wider community.

Our Charitable Purpose:
“Community Capacity Building”

Developing the capacity and skills of members of the community in such a way that they are better able to identify, and help meet their needs and to participate more fully in society.


Based in the heart of Westminster and accepting referrals pan London. CCI offers tailored support to job seekers and advice to those seeking self employment.

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Peabody Estates Office
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Company registered number 10153152

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